Founder of MASTER HR

PCC, Learning and Talent Development Coordinator
Born in 1979, Hatice Demircan completed her "International Relations" department at Istanbul University, and then completed her master's degree in "Human Resources Management" at Yıldız Technical University.
He started his career in the logistics sector and worked on HR processes for more than 15 years at national and international companies with high brand value such as Barsan, Akenerji, DHL, respectively.
Especially during the 4 years he worked at DHL, he strengthened his management team by providing leadership training and feedback training many times. Employee engagement, motivation, training and development, career and talent management are the areas of HR where it is strongest.
Currently, as the Learning and Talent Development Coordinator at İnci GS Yuasa, in the coaching and mentoring processes of top management and middle management; It works as a guide, educator and supporter in the personal development processes of the employees.
For Demircan, who puts personal development at the center of his life, his coaching journey started with Adler International Learning in 2017, continued with ID Coaching International in 2019, and he has been professional coaching in addition to his HR hat for the last 2 years. In 2020, he was awarded the PCC title by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
In order to support social responsibility processes, she has been voluntarily coaching and mentoring young executives within the "Yenibir Leaders Association" for the last 2 years and for the last 1 year, scholarship students of the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV).
Received Trainings

  • New Age Leadership (K2C Consulting)
  • Agile HR (Haga Consultancy)
  • Accredited Coaching Training (ID Coaching International)
  • Accredited Coaching Training (Adler International Learning)
  • Leadership Fundamentals (DHL, Belgium)
  • 21st Century Leadership (DHL, Germany)
  • Project Management / DMAIC Methodology (DHL)
  • Training of the Trainer (Baltaş)
  • Team Management (DHL)
  • Insights Discovery (DHL, Germany)
  • Wage Management (HAY Group)
  • Job Evaluation (HAY Group)
  • Senior Manager Remuneration (HAY Group)
  • Personality Analysis with Inventories (MBTI, NEO-PIR and HOGAN inventories)
  • Return on Investment in Education / ROI