Reach your business goals through your people!

Common and template HR solutions does not quite fit your organization. Because your business is unique and therefore you have your own values, culture, way of working and specific needs. As IDA HR we give importance to take time to understand more about your people, your business and business objectives and then create bespoke HR solutions specially for you. We work together to design a service that just suits your business. At the same time, we are flexible that you can chose daily, weekly or monthly service or project options.


Let’s take a journey that suits you!

If you want to have a journey to your inner world, coaching can provide convenience to discover your inside and potential. By coaching you may find your own right answers to take you to the right actions.

If you want to move on right career paths or make successful fresh start, through our consultancy, we can help you have a right professional resume, know and learn yourself deeply and make the right career choices that will lead you to success in this competitive business world.

Our Values

  • Empathy
    We give importance to empathize with you to interiorize your world
  • Respect
    We believe that every human and business has its own nature and we respect this
  • Ethic
    Complying with ethical rules is our priority and we follow accepted moral standards
  • Responsibility
    We always act with the awareness of our roles and tasks
  • Continuous Development
    We believe that there is no end of learning and development in our life
  • Business Partnership
    We are always honored to cooperate and contribute with you to achieve your goals together